Balatonfüred is the oldest holiday destination by lake Balaton. It’s on the northern bank of the lake. The city has a reputation for its fizzy fountains, and mediterranean climate. It is also a port-town, and a spa.

There’s also a Heart Hospital, where the Nobel prize winner poet, Tagore was treated. There’s also a promenade named after him.

The big landing stage offers a beautiful view of the lake. The molo is full of venders. The town also has a beach.

One famous building of the town is the Jókai hall, which used to be the week-end house of Mór Jókai, a Hungarian writer. Author of many novels. He only spent the summers here. It was built in eclectic style, and nowadays it functions as a museum.

Balatonfüred is a nice and calm place. Perfect for spending a few days so as to relax.

The ’Anna ball’ is an elegant celebration, which takes place in Balatonfüred every july.

There is a gastronomic festival called the ’wine weeks’ in august, it lasts for three weeks. One can taste here the delicious wines of the area.

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