Keszthely is a city on the western end of Lake Balaton. It’s popular with tourists, in particular during the summer, because of the beaches. Tourism means the main income of the city.

There are some sights in the area. Such as the Festetics Castle. Festetics, is the name of an old, Hungarian noble family. They started to build the castle in the 18. century. The works were finished in 1880, when the monument gained its actual appearance. It was built in baroque style, by two architects: Gustav Haas and Maximilian Paschkisch. In front of the castle stands the statue of George Festetics, the most outstanding member of the family. He thought, that culture was very important, and used to support it in a generous way. He also built the Helikon Library, which is part of the Castle since then. He also organised celebrations, where he invited the most important persons in cultural life.

The castle has a 500-year-old cellar. Nowadays it funtions as a wine-cellar, here they offer aguided tour, combined with wine-sampling.

The castle has a ceremonial hall, where concerts and other cultural events take place. Attending one, might be a nice program for the evening.

Fenékpuszta is part of Keszthely. From the Roman ages a huge fortress used to stand there, which was built in the 4th century. It was probably destroyed in the 10th century by the Hungarian conquestors. The ruins still can be visited.

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