Siófok is the biggest city by Lake Balaton. It’s seated on the southern coast of the lake. Canal Sió springs her, from Lake Balaton. They built a sluice on the Canal so as to lower the level of water of the lake, when it’s needed. The canal devides the beach in two parts. On the western side, there is the Silver Beach, and on the eastern side, there is the Golden Beach. The touristic center, with clubs and restaurants is found on the Golden Beach, as well as a beach, where one should pay entrance fee. On the Silver beach there are mainly family apartments, or weekend-houses, there is a beach too, but here you don’t have to pay.

People usually come to Siófok for a week, for having fun and rest. There is the beach, where you can spend most of the day. There are planty of restaurants and bars too. There are discos as well. On the Silver Beach there is Palace disco, which is well-known all across Hungary.

Siófok is popular with Hungarian tourists, but if you come here during the summer you’ll also meet many German tourist.

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