Tihany is a peaceful place. It’s located on a peninsula, which dips into the Lake Balaton, and surrounded by a beautiful landscape. Tihany is special in historical, geographical and cultural terms as well.

The Abbey of Tihany is very famous. It was built by the Benedictines, in the 18. century, in baroque style. However, before this monument, there were other buildings at the same place. First in 1055 king I. András set up here the burial place of the royal family. One can still see the tombs in the crypt of the abbey nowadays. The deed of foundation of the abbey is one of the oldest written documents of Hungarian language.

The environs of Tihany had been inhabited by humans since the prehistoric ages.

The peninsula came into existence by volcanic activities. Thanks to this, there are some rare species of animal and plant living here. As well as the presence of geyser-cones is due to volcanism. The most famous geyser-cone is called the „Aranyház” meaning the Golden House.

The echo of Tihany is very famous. It can be heard, when the weather is bright, and silent, however, before, when there were less buildings it used to be louder.

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