Veszprém is a relatively big city near the northern shore of Lake Balaton. The town is also called the ’Town of the Queens’. Because it was the estate of Hungarian queens.

The area is rich in geographic values. In north there are the Bakony Mountains and in South the Upland of Balaton.

There are plenty of things to do around this city. One of the most famous sights is the Zoo of Veszprém. It was opened more than a half century ago, and has many inhabitants. Approximately 150 species live here.

Many festivals take place in the city. In the summer the Festival of street music is one of the most prestigious programmes. In May there’s the Gizella Art Festival, at this event many branches of art are represented. And this festival is organised to the memory of queen Gizella, the wife of the first Hungarian king, Saint István.

There is also a castle, which belongs to the city.

The Saint Mihály catedral of the primacy is really beautiful. It was restaurated in 2005.

The city is a good starting-point for going on trips, as well as bike-tours. There are plenty of tour plans around the city.

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