Zamárdi is a little settlement on the southern coast of Lake Balaton. It’s a calm place, and its incomes are based on the tourism. There are three times more houses in the village, than those, used by local inhabitants. So there are plenty hotels and apartmans waiting the tourists.

The most beautiful building of the village stands on Fő utca. The house was built in 1847, by  Benedek Freisz. The walls are made of adobe, and the top is covered with reed. Nowadays it can be visited, as it’s transformed into a kind of museum demonstrating the ethnographic aspect of the area. It’s a little village counting about 2500 inhabitants. However, it has a medical consulting room, and dental surgery. There is a beach of 10 kilometers length, the entrence is free.

The wine cellars of the village can also be visited. Wine tasting might be a nice programme.

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